Chris Buck - Buck and Evans

Chris Buck - buck and evans, friday fretworks


Style, taste and technique in equal measure…….

As one of the founding members of Buck and Evans, Chris Buck has quickly established himself as one of the new, top guitar talents in the Rock world today.

His liquid, vocal soloing style, sense of melody and unique approach to ‘pick and fingers’ playing has singled him out as one to watch.

His band, Buck and Evans, has released it’s first album to both critical and fan acclaim and their single ‘Slow Train’ is climbing the A playlist charts worldwide.

I met Chris through Adrian Thorpe of Thorpy FX fame and we hit it off very quickly, Chris LOVED the Emperor in the picture above, so I basically recreated it for him only really changing the pickup choices to his signature ‘ID’ pickups made for him by Radioshop Pickups in Wales.

The body is Alder, the neck is 1/4 sawn, flamed Maple with an Ebony fretboard.

The tremolo is a Wudtone unit, a perfect vintage choice, also unbelievably, made in Wales!

I’ll let Chris himself talk and play you through the guitar with this wonderful video he very kindly produced for his hit YouTube show ‘Friday Fretworks’