Lol Creme - 10cc guitarist and vocalist

Lol Creme at home with his hard tail Emperor. Lol has always loved the see through Blonde finish from the 50s so it was recreated here over a piece of ash.

Lol is still very active recording and touring and has always loved single coil pick-ups but was getting increasingly annoyed with the noise caused by computers in the modern recording studio environment. A set of hum-cancelling single coils solved that problem.

He opted for a 9.5 inch fingerboard radius and fairly high frets to accommodate his fluid, bending style.

The oil and wax finish over the roasted, birds-eye maple neck was also received very well!

Thanks Tom, I must say the guitar is unputdownable, I really do love it. It is now much more than another guitar, it is a precious object. I will treasure it forever. Can’t wait to get it into the studio and put it to work. And to show it off!
— Lol after receiving his new Gray Guitars instrument, April 2015