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A best-selling model - The Emperor

A best-selling model - The Emperor

Emperor model - starting price £2900

This price includes:

Premium, hand-picked Ash, Alder, Mahogany or Basswood body

Premium graded, roasted Maple neck finished in your choice of oil and wax or nitrocellulose lacquer - I prefer the oil and wax - it’s way smoother and faster!

Hand-picked fingerboard of Rosewood, Ebony, Pau Ferro, Cocobolo - almost anything! This can be any radius including compound 9 - 12 or more vintage 7.25 - 9.5 compound.

Your choice of pickups - I use Bare Knuckle pickups, these are hand wound in Falmouth and are the best pickups that I have ever used.

Mastery bridges for Admirals and Wudtone bridges for vintage style Strat guitars

Gotoh tuners or locking Sperzel types to your preference.

I finish all my guitars in nitrocellulose lacquer, pick from any colour and sunburst combination. Your final top coats can be gloss, satin or matt.

I use CTS pots, Jensen oil caps, and CRL switches - the pots and caps and made by Bare Knuckle to perfectly compliment their pickups.

I ship in Reunion Blues luxury softcases - they are gorgeous. For long haul, international shipping, you can go for a Hiscox hard case or a full, flight case option.

The lead time will be at least 4 months. This includes a 2 week period to let the lacquer cure before final sanding and buffing and final shipping.