Tim Renwick - Pink Floyd, Eric Clapton

Tim Renwick - session ace

(Pink floyd, eric clapton, david bowie, elton john……)

Tim rocking his Surf Green signature model loaded with Bare Knuckle pick-ups ('The Mule' + 'Apaches'), narrow Callaham tremolo and locking Sperzel tuners.

These shots were taken in and around Red Kite Studios in Wales (owned by legendary recording engineer/producer Martin Levan), whilst Tim was playing guitar for yet another awesome session.

Tim had a very specific idea about how his signature model was going to be put together. He has always played S-Type guitars but had found the bridge single coil a bit thin sounding. We went for a Mule humbucker paired with two Hank Marvin designed 'Apache' single coils. A neat twist is that we decided to modify the guitar's wiring to make the second tone control a volume control for one of the Mule's coils, effectively giving Tim a varying coil tap if needed.

Another sound that Tim sought required him to be able to include the neck pick-up with any of the other two. I added a 'push-push' switch to the remaining master tone control to achieve this - easy and neat.

We also wired an auto split on the humbucker in position two, combined with the middle pick-up giving that fluid, in-between sound that we all know and love.

To finish off the modifications, we went for a 'treble bleed' circuit on the master volume to retain all of the guitar's brilliance when the volume is reduced.

Leo Fender would be proud of you!
— Taken from Tim's interview for Gray Guitars - July 2015
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